Partnering with an Industry Leader

With new high-speed fiber optics and DirecTV streaming services, Verizon’s portfolio is expanding rapidly. Verizon trusts Elite Marketing Concepts as an Authorized dealer of Verizon to bring their services to more customers.

Telecommunications is rapidly changing, and customers often over-pay for slower speeds simply because they don’t understand their options. Elite Marketing Concepts brings Verizon affordable new services to these customers and makes it easy for them to take control of their telecommunications services and cut costs.

Rapidly Increasing Market Share

More than 80% of customers who switch to Verizon never knew about these new telecommunications solutions before they switched. Elite Marketing Concepts is the reason they’ve made the switch to Verizon.

With access to a billion-dollar leader generation system, Elite Marketing Concepts is responsible for driving huge conversion rates across the country. In fact, we have access to over 300,000 leads in the Silicon Valley area alone.

Thanks to an unmatched understanding of Verizon’s product and service portfolio, Elite Marketing Concepts helps each new customer understand their TV, internet and personal cell phone options.

Verizon Depends on Us

We’re looking for motivated individuals to join our team and help us bring telecommunications solutions to even more customers. No matter what your experience is, we’ll provide extensive training in telecommunications offerings. You simply need to bring the motivation to succeed.