The Elite Marketing Concepts Difference

Our sales teams are widely recognized as the most successful marketing teams in the industry. We’re trusted by telecommunications giants like Verizon to bring in new customers every single day, and we deliver.

Turnover is high at other sales companies because of the sink-or-swim mentality and lack of training. That’s not us.

Our commitment to your training and ongoing development sets us apart. We believe in taking the time to invest in developing your business skills so that you’re positioned to succeed.

Working With Elite Marketing Concepts

Elite Marketing Concepts brings together people from all walks of life who have one simple thing in common: a hunger to succeed. We’re proud of our team and their diverse backgrounds and experiences. Our shared set of ideals unites us and drives our success.

Elite Marketing Concepts brings together all types of people. We’re a great fit for people who are:

Beginning or pivoting their career

No matter your experience, our education program provides critical sales and business training in just six months. We believe in investing in your training so you ramp up quickly and can begin gaining real-world sales experience to hone your skills.

With unlimited earning potential and promotion opportunities, you can create the sales career you want as part of our team.

Interested in building long-term success

Actual experience and leadership training are the keys to long-term sales success. The Elite Marketing Concepts method is built on these opportunities.

We believe you should be highly involved in our company from Day One in order to learn invaluable hands-on skills. The mentorship and development you receive here will help you build your resume with the skills that open doors to new opportunities.

Motivated to succeed

Because we work with industry-leading clients like Verizon, we’re able to generously reward individuals who work hard and exceed expectations. We train you in the professional skills you need to get the job done. We also emphasize individual recognition and future investment opportunities so that you can quickly increase your income.

Our Values
We believe that:

Core Value: 1

Your drive determines your success.

Core Value: 2

Hard work is the foundation of a successful sales career.

Core Value: 3

Personal and external accountability fuel your growth.

Core Value: 4

Success begins with the right training and tools.

Core Value: 5

Flexibility is the secret to thriving in a competitive environment.


Motivation and flexibility are essential to thriving.

These core values guide our approach to the market, every single day.

A Focus on Mentorship

Our leaders have real world experience and understand what it takes to succeed and build a career of your dreams. When you join Elite Marketing Concepts, you’ll be surrounded by a team of leaders who are committed to seeing you succeed.

Classroom-style training isn’t enough to build a highly successful career. Mentorship from successful sales leaders who’ve been right where you are gives you a leg up. It’s the missing piece in other sales organizations. We believe in giving you every opportunity to succeed, it’s up to you to seize them.

Development Opportunities

A successful career requires more than income. You need an understanding of the lifelong skills that apply to any business opportunity.

We help you develop these lucrative skills through:

Rapid Income and Career Growth Potential

Individualized Coaching

Direct Feedback from Management

Extensive Professional Development

Executive Mentorship Programs

Team Building Events

Flexible Work Environment

Travel Opportunities

Training &

The Elite Marketing Concepts training program, Foundations, gives you the core skills you need to fast track your career success.

In just 6-12 months, you’ll learn business skills and real-life experiences to help you power your career. You’ll be working hands-on with industry leading companies like Verizon to drive their sales goals. Plus, you’ll learn important industry standards and compliance in telecommunications, sports, government and healthcare. These skills make you successful wherever your career leads.

Join the Team Today

To learn more about available opportunities, email you resume to our HR Department.