Go Beyond Corporate Training

Our Foundations training program isn’t about teaching you how to do today’s job. It’s about setting you up for future success by giving you a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to grow in your sales career.

The Elite Marketing Concepts Training Method:


Our most successful team members will give you the inside scoop on what success looks like during a two-week classroom training. You’ll have unprecedented access to upper-level management and get a crash course in sales success.


Put that knowledge to the test as you head into the field to receive one-on-one mentorship and real time feedback. This field-based training time helps you refine your skills and approach even further.


When your Foundations certification is complete, you’ll be placed in the right spot on our team. We continue to invest in your success through ongoing feedback and mentorship opportunities. Because of our broad client portfolio, we have all kinds of opportunities for placement including administration, marketing, customer service, sales and more.

What You’ll Be Learning

Our proprietary certification program combines education and hands-on experience to set you up for success in today’s competitive business market.

Covering everything from product knowledge, marketing and sales processes to management and executive leadership skills, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of business.

Product Knowledge & Industry Compliance

It all starts with understanding a client’s business model, unique value proposition, their customer needs and critical industry compliance.

During the first stage of training we’ll teach you:

The fastest way to gain a deep understanding of any new product or service
The most successful sales and marketing approaches
How to apply these techniques in real-life sales interactions
How to process and implement real-time feedback

Business Communication

Besides gaining a 360 degree understanding of a product or service, we’ll teach you how to present that knowledge in any sales interaction. You’ll practice speaking confidently to different types of customers in different settings.

You’ll learn how to:

Lesson: 1

Network and build relationships

Lesson: 2

Engage and interact with people

Lesson: 3

Respond to questions with ease and confidence

Lesson: 4

Interpret non-verbal cues to help you close the sale

Business & Management Skills

No matter if you want to become an entrepreneur or succeed as part of a team, the same core business skills are required to advance your career.

Through our program, you’ll get experience:

Pursuing training opportunities and developing new skills
Interviewing and developing other team members
Learning how to structure and lead a team

Go Further with Leadership Training

Once you earn your Foundations certification, you can move into Elite Marketing Concepts’ Leader Certification Program.

This program refines your sales skills and gives you a broad understanding of leadership and success. Through professional mentorship, you’ll receive hands-on training from successful sales executives.

We’ll work closely with you to understand your personal career goals and place you on the path within our organization that will help you get there.